"White Girl"

"White Girl"

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Normal Life

 I haven’t written anything here for a long while, mostly because, it doesn’t seem like I have much to say or tell, which really isn’t true. But sometimes, life just gets into a rhythm that is normal and not all that exciting and doesn’t seem to have much adventure worth telling (which isn’t true either). I suppose this the part of growing up in life and what maturing is about, learning to be happy and content in the normal everydayness of life.  Even this is filled with little joys, adventures, and lessons too. So, as an update on my life for anyone who might still happen to check this blog, I will tell you about my normal, everyday life for now, and find some little adventures to write about later.

The Land of Snow and Cold
(AKA, Minnesota)
My Little Indoor Garden
I am in Minnesota right now and its November, so that means that I am actually in a place called the Land of Snow and Cold. I am supposing its somewhat like Russian-Siberia or the Canadian Wilderness, at least, that’s what it feels like to me! I tried to prepare myself for the long cold winter by making a little Indoor Garden, and I try to think of all the time spent indoors as a good time to catch up on some reading, and as a time to inspire some creativity.

I have been working at an office as an assistant, which means I do exciting things like make copies and file papers... I also have gotten to work with my twin brother, Travis, at the coffee shop he is now managing. It's pretty great getting to work with family, and get paid too!

Olive and Annabell, watching a movie
with their flashlights. Cuz it's much
better that way!
I really enjoy getting to spend time with my adorable niece and energetic nephew. I get to spend lots of Friday nights playing games, making cookies, and watching movies with these little guys, which I gladly enjoy.

Bekah, who stole my heart.

I also got to spend the past summer in Thailand visiting my friends and my Karen family over there. The time went by so fast! Thailand is still in my heart and I know God has a good plan for me there sometime in the future to do some good work! I just have to wait for his timing which is the hardest part, and missing all my “adopted” children over there. I love my dear little Bekah! I also got to spend some much needed, quality time with my boyfriend Lukai, whom I have been dating for a couple of years now. We keep getting to know each other better, and in a funny sort of way, get to improve our communication skills as we have been apart most of the time and only get to talk. Its not always fun, nor easy when you finally find your best friend! But, God has a sense of humor and a plan too.

Lukai is working on getting a visa and the money to come visit the US and to meet my parents. Its been a slow process, and continues to be sooooooo slow. Patience as never been my strength, and it seems to be the thing God really wants to challenge!
Lukai and I at a beach in Thailand.

What’s next for me? I don’t know. I’m hoping to find something that I can invest in a little bit more this year in the work department beyond making copies...  But, I’m thankful for a job that is allowing me to pay my bills. I’m keeping my eyes peeled, and trying to keep myself focused so I can jump at an opportunity when it comes my way, and then hopefully, the next thing will fall into place. Whatever that is!

P.S. I still live with my parents. I tell myself its because I would get too lonely otherwise... and that I’m still growing up. I think.


Central Park, NY

P.S.S. I also got to visit a friend in New York on my way to Thailand. That was a pretty cool experience as I had never been there, and there's no place quite like the Big Apple

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