"White Girl"

"White Girl"

Thursday, December 27, 2012

You've Been in The Jungle Too Long When...

You've been in the jungle too long when...

1) You start to stare at all the foreigners and think, "Wow, they are so white." Forgetting that you yourself are white, and/or that you just forgot you were white under all the jungle dust of the dry season

2) You get the urge to run after said foreigners just to have a little "chat" with them that somehow turns into a three hour long discourse of your life because you are so lonely

3) Eating with your hands, and large amounts of ants and other bugs that make their way into your food and it seems normal

4) You have eaten monkey poo. According to locals its clean cuz monkeys only eat leaves...

5) You no longer use toilet paper

6) You can chop up anything with a machete including filleting that fish you caught in the river, and am about to cook for dinner

7) You can sleep anywhere, including concrete floors and hammocks, and withstand the harshest mosquito attacks

8) When you start to have more odd illnesses then you can count, such as tropical ulcers, dengue fever, heat rash, a rash just for the sake of having a rash, worms, more fever, diarrhea, and things that don't even have English names

9) When you start to love it... Everyday's an adventure!

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